More than a coffee table, Klimt’s Visit  is an invitation to step out of the fast-paced mundane and rejoice in a moment of sensory relaxation, immersed in its rich gold-copper hues. This artisan centerpiece is evocative of Gustav Klimt’s symbolist movement, bringing together the lost craftsmanship of the past with the technology of the future in a harmonious weaving of thought and matter. The result? An unexpected present. 


The tabletop is handcrafted using high-tech and artisan materials, following a textured geometric design in gold, copper and metal textures embedded in Epoxy resin. The resin’s transparency layered onto the metallic shine captures a futuristic, cutting-edge nuance.  The base is made of wood with natural slate, bringing back a feeling of warmth and familiar comfort.

(in.): 29,5 W x 29,5 D x 13,7H                        (cm): 75 W x 75 L x 35 H

Weight: 60 lbs                                                      27 kg


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